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Evaporative Cooling towers

Standard Features Optional Features
-Non Corrosive Seamless One Piece -Two Speed Motors w/Space Heaters
 Polyethylene Shell -Thermostatic On/Off Fan Control
-Self Propelled PVC Water Distribution -Aluminum Ladder w/Safety Cage
 System  -Corrosive Fan Protection Coating
-Continuous PVC Spiral Wrapped Fill &  -Anti-Freeze Immersion Heater
 Wet Deck -Electric Water Control Package
-PVC Inlet, Outlet, Overflow, Drain, & -Fan Vibration Cut-Out Switch
 Make-Up Connections -Control Panels
-Indoor Water Storage Tanks
-Pumps & Pump Packages

THS Cooling Towers:

Available in three (3) different configurations with sizes ranging from 10 - 1000 Tons

Installation Savings due to the fact that all unit are Fully Factory Assembled

15 Year Shell Warranty (Seamless Shell)

Wet Dry Systems

Water to Air (WAC) Closed Loop Fluid Cooling Systems that use free ambient air to cool various process heat load. Complete "System" Packages available to include Heat Recovery Systems. Single Fan information click HERE Double Fan information click HERE Product Features:

Casing: Heavy Gauge, Galvanized Steel, Sectionalized Fan Chambers, 10 Gauge Structural Members, Factory Leak Tested 400 PSIG

Fans: 30" Aluminum Blades, Dynamically Balanced, Vibration Free, Maximum Efficiency, 3-3/4" Deep Spun Fan Venturi

Coils: Mechanically Bonded Aluminum Fin Copper, Factory Leak Tested 400 PSIG

Fan Motors: 1 HP (optional 2 HP), ODP w/Weather Shields, 208/230/460/575/3/60, 850 RPM, Automatic Reset with Internal Overload Protection

Control Panel: NEMA 3 (Weather Resistant), Optional NEMA 4, Fan Fusing

Damper System Available for Heat Recovery - WAC-H

Connections: 2" MPT up to 60 US GPM, 3" MPT up to 175 US GPM, greater than 175 US GPM sized on application


Models from 1 to 30 tons Portable Chillers

Eleven models in air cooled, warer cooled or split configurations. Options include low ambient condensers, additional capacity controls,PLC interface and choice of water

Rugged, reliable hermetic, semi- hermetic or scroll compressors.
Systems available with standard analog or PLC controls with touch-screens. Web-based remote monitoring, alerting and control systemalso available.

Two-pump system to separate chiller recirculation from high pressure process pumping. This is especially important for higher productivity and assured fluid velocity.
Large stainless-steel tanks provides benefits such as better pump suction head, better temperture consistency for closer process temperature control, and less accumulated contamination per gallon of recirculated water.

Automatic water make-up valve and water-cooled condenser thermostatic valves are available Rugged, quality steel panels and rigid welded frame.
Steel frame and panels are enamel painted with a heavy coat. Stainless- steel materials are available.
Liquid- filled refrigerant and process water pressure gauges, premium quality electrical controls, bronze-fitted pumps (stainless steel pumps optional) and fan controls.
Standard instrument package uses components available worldwide.

Central Chillers Models from 20 to 400 tons

Skid and Modular Designs

Central chiller system designs allow plants to operate and monitor banks of multiple chiller modules within a single PLC control environment. This can provide the benefit of system redundency for assured up-time, and dynamic load balancing by staging chillers and their refrigeration circuits.

Applied experience.

High productivity plants require abundant amounts of chilled water for critical processes. We design your central chiller system after considerable up-front discussions about the process cooling needs and implementation.

Choose Your Components

The result is a unique and very practical modular chiller approach, easier to install and maintain and has premium features for high reliablility. Chiller models are available with semi-hermetic, scroll or screw compressors, air or water cooled and a variety of advanced analog or PLC controls with remote monitoring and control.

Entire systems, including the chilled water and service water loops can be remotely monitored for proper function, temperature variance, process and tower water pressure drop, and other system functions and automated alerts.

Shown is a 400-ton chiller with screw compressors, cleanable shell and tube condensers and accessible components. PLC control system and premium grade components results in highly reliable operation and low maintenance costs.

Pump Stations

Pump With TEFC Motor
Closed Steel Reservoir For Coolant
Reservoir Sight Gauge With Shut-Off Valves
Service Valves At Pump Inlet And Discharge
Check Valve At The Pump Discharge
Pressure Gauge On The Pump Discharge Pipe
Temperature Gauge In The Reservoir
Low Pressure Inert Gas Pressure Regulator To Eliminate Oxygen From The System With An Integral Pressure Relief Valve
Reservoir Drain
Reservoir Fill Port
Structural Steel Frame With Leveling Pads

Pump Station With A 600 Gallon Reservoir and Natural Gas Powered Emergency Back-Up Pump With Automatic Starting System.

Pump Station With Two Electric Pumps And Natural Gas Powered Emergency Back-Up Pump. The Electrical Control Panel Is Mounted On This Pump Station.